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Bible Printing (Bonded Leather Cover)


Image Printing is good at hardcover bible printing, flexi bound and soft cover bible printing as well.

The introductions to bonded leather bible printing jobs,custom bible printing.

When we say bonded leather, we mean a material made of varying degrees of genuine leather combined with other substances layer to present the appearance of leather but with efficient cost. Based on this character of leather features and efficient cost, many bible printers like to use it replace genuine leather. Bonded leather materials and products can able be found in furniture, stationery and various fashion accessories. In printing and packaging field, there many products potentially using bonded leather such as books, bibles, diaries, art books and notebooks. There are different types of bonded leather, but the type used on bookbinding is a polyurethane or vinyl product backed with fabric layer mixed with certain percentage of genuine leather fibers. Bonded leather variety depends on the manufacture process, the surface texture and the percentage of genuine leather.

Now bonded leather continues to gain wide acceptance as the alternative to genuine leather as bible printers struggle to remain competitive to hardcover bible printing jobs. Bonded leather consists of genuine leather fragments and fibers glued onto a backing layer, and are emerging as the key bible covering choice at medium price points compared with genuine leather bible printing projects. Some bonded leather manufactures are able to maintain account up to 50% of genuine leather segment. Bonded leather has the advantage of size format. Genuine leather is regularly in sheet size, and the products need to suit genuine leather size. There will cause much wastage some time. But bonded leather is normal in roll size or big sheet size, which will be convenient for bible printers to make full use of the material.

Bonded leather for bible printing jobs

Bible board 9pt/10pt should be mounted on bonded leather to create a case.

Bonded leather is not so supple, it still can create good bible printing jobs.

Thread stitching covers

Round corner

Dyed edge

Bible printing have been our major product lines for over 16 years. We have printed literature for over 140 Christian and Jewish organizations including over 4 million Bibles, New Testaments and Torah books. Among our customers are such world renounced organizations as...

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      We pride ourselves on personal attention to your project with value added service.We can work with your budget and meet tightest deadlines.We take both large and small jobs.  We are staffed with exceptionally skilled and trained technicians in the pre-press for superior color management, courteous and multi-language speaking customer service team for good communication, professional and responsive people for QC and highly experienced shipping department for quick and reliable air and sea delivery. To guarantee superior printing services, our people operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week in 2 shifts to compensate for the time zone difference.


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Your satisfaction is our goal, we make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work and build our business relationships on honesty and integrity

Broad Experience in bible printing       

      We are one of the very few printing companies in China that can print on Bible paper.Bible paper has weight of 27 gsm. and allows making 2,000-page books thin and light while preserving excellent quality even for a 2-color text. For over fourteen years,bible printing has been one of the major production lines for Image Printing. We have printed and shipped worldwide over 4 million Bibles, New Testaments and Torah books.
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      We strive to provide our customers with a top notch,perfect quality work.We also offer fast service,convenient free online quote system, fantastic prices, 100% Quality Guarantee with all of our products,flexibility in turnaround times andaccuracy in the delivery of customer orders.
      Quality has always been our priority and core value. or quote us today and give us a chance to prove it to you as well!

We are Committed to Environment and Safety
      We are an environmentally-friendly printer.As a responsible company, Image Printing makes extra ordinary commitment to products safety and environmental care.We are proud to be the first and so far the only certified printing company in China.
      We promise to use materials, inks and finishing techniques that are tested safe according to international standards.

Competitive Pricing

      We offer the most affordable and competitive rates n the market.At Image Printing we know that competitive pricing is an important part of your budget and we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with professional printing services at a competitive price.Our prices are lower because you don't have to pay a "middle man" commissions or fees.
        As our customer,you deal directly with key players who care about your experience and satisfaction. We have everything in place to ensure that what you receive from Image Printing Ltd is of outstanding quality and swiftly brought to your delivery destinationwith minimum impact on the environment and at a very competitive price.

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