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Board Book Printing
As one of professional board book printing manufactures, Image printing provides excellent board book printing services with aggressive prices and high quality. Board books are regularly printed and produced on cardboard, they are C1S and

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Board Book Printing Services
Board Book Printing : (1) Square size as 8.5" x 8.5" popular for a board book. (2) 200gsm - 300gsm C1S with full colors printing plus varnish. (3) Each 4 - page mounted over backer to backer, slot the cover and case in finally. (4)

Board Book Printing,Board Book Printing Services, Board Book
Board Book Printing Services
Board Book Printing service: (1) Customed size. (2) 230gsm C1S with printing 4c/0c plus varnish coating. (3) Board bound, punch two round corners.  Paperboard Applied to Board Book Printing Job:   Due to special paper requirements,

Board Book Printing, Board book printing service
Board Book Printing
High quality board book printing : (1) Board Bound Book. (2) Customed size. (3) 250gsm C1S with 4c/0c printing plus varnish coating. (4) Punch to various untapered shapes. Surface Finishing for Board Book Printing Jobs   Proper surface finishing

Board Book Printing, Board Book samples
Board Book Printing (Special Spine)
This picture is to show the spine of board book. The special bookbinding requires it flexible and hollow, the spine can not be sticked together with the bookblock, and one part of back cover close to spine must not be glued with last page. Special

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Cheap Board Book Printing Services
(1) Board bound. (2) 8.5" x 8.5". (3) 200gsm C1S with 4c/4c printing plus glossy lamination. How to define a board book printing job?   When we talk about a board book printing job, we actually get the agreement that a board book is
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