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Board Book Printing (Hardcover)


(1) Hardcover, board book. (2) A5 portrait. (3) 128gsm C1S plus lamination over 2mm grey board as case. (4) 200gsm C1S for text and endpaper. (5) Board bound bookblock, make the case and then case in.

Tips to Board Book Printing Job Design:
Because the board books are mainly for the children, in order to match children rabbit and learning rules, there should be strict requirements for most board book printing in designing stage. Here we try to introduce some of them for reference if you are planning for a board hardcover book printing job.
1. The size should be available for children immature hands taking and turning.
2. The materials should be safe for children touching, kissing and even eating.
3. The surface finishing material and process should be environment-friendly for children.
4. The book should be not heavy.
5. The paper should not be thin.
6. The edge should be not sharp.
7. The corner should be round.
8. The images printed should be colorful and attractive.
9. The ink should be safe.
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