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Cheap Board Book Printing Services


(1) Board bound. (2) 8.5" x 8.5". (3) 200gsm C1S with 4c/4c printing plus glossy lamination.

How to define a board book printing job?
When we talk about a board book printing job, we actually get the agreement that a board book is a type of book printed on thick paperboard. The paperboard is printed and applied to the cover and interior pages. Each page panel is a minimum of two plies of paperboard. Unlike a typical paper book that is bound with saddle stitching (staples) or perfect binding softcover book printing or hardcover book printing job, a board book pages are specially folded and bound together. Regularly most board books are very durable and consequently intended for small children (who are liable to damage ordinary books), so that they can start to develop an interest in books at an early age. Many best-selling titles that were originally published in hardcover or paperboard formats have been illustrated and converted into board books.
Most of board books produced in the world is produced in China and Mexico. In China, most of board books are printed in China mainland provinces, like Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian etc. Shenzhen is the center of printing and packaging in South China. There are abundant resources for your developing your products. Shenzhen book printing factories have the advantage of quality and services compared with the plants in Zhejiang or Fujian etc, which is due to developed printing market, equipments, concept and management. So if you want to print your book in China, Shenzhen, Image Printing Packaging Limited shall be your potential and qualified partner. 
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