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Board Book Printing (Special Spine)


This picture is to show the spine of board book. The special bookbinding requires it flexible and hollow, the spine can not be sticked together with the bookblock, and one part of back cover close to spine must not be glued with last page.

Special Spine of Board Book Printing Jobs
When you plan for a board book printing job, you shall be aware of the special spine design. Not like hardcover book printing or wire-o book printing jobs, board book printing jobs require the spine hollow and some space kept. The reason for this is to make the book open widely as could as possible.
The materials applied to board book printing jobs are normally paperboard above 200gsm, they are very rigid. After these are mounted back to back, and then mounted to cover, the spine will become very tight. So if no hollow or space is left, the book could be open very widely, which will affect to use the book.
Detail pictures to show the spine:
Spine Show to Board Book Printing JobsSample of board Book Printing and Binding
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