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Board Book Printing


High quality board book printing : (1) Board Bound Book. (2) Customed size. (3) 250gsm C1S with 4c/0c printing plus varnish coating. (4) Punch to various untapered shapes.

Surface Finishing for Board Book Printing Jobs
Proper surface finishing is necessary for most of book printing jobs, especially for board book printing. Because the end users of board books are normally children, there are much strict environmental and technical requirements. Here we would like to introduce some surface finishing methods for reference.
(1). Lamination, glossy or matte.
Popular lamination materials now are BOPP film because of excellent performance of quality, environment-friendly, physics and chemistry. The base glue normally is water-base environment-friendly. Lamination is usually for cover in purpose of good tear-resistance and protection function.
(2). UV coating and aqueous coating
UV and aqueous ink coated on the surface of paperboard is to make the paper glossy, and enforce the performance of oil-resistance.
(3). Glittering or Flocking Powder
They are made by screen silk screening printing. There are special materials printed on the surface of paper.
(4). Embossing and Foil Stamping
Embossing and foil stamping could be done by die-cutting or stamping machines. There are many colors for choice during foil stamping, such as gold, silver, black, red, foil coloring and other special colors.
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