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Board Book Printing : (1) Square size as 8.5" x 8.5" popular for a board book. (2) 200gsm - 300gsm C1S with full colors printing plus varnish. (3) Each 4 - page mounted over backer to backer, slot the cover and case in finally. (4) Die cutting, round corner, vegetable inks, not too heavy necessary for board book. 

How to require a board book printing job quotation?
When you try to require a board book printing job, there are something different and special with other RFQ requirements, like hardcover book printing, softcover book printing, wire-o book printing, comb book printing jobs etc. Here we list below some tips about specifications which you shall pay more attention to.
1. Size
Other section book printing jobs have several economical sizes. In principle, there is also some economical size for board book printing jobs, but the designers pay much more attention to the sizes avaliable for children specially. 
2. Binding
There is much difference with binding compared with other section book printing jobs. Board book printing and binding means the card or paperboard mount back to back, it is the basic process to make a board book.
3. Paper
For most board book printing jobs, the paper used should be art card or paperboard. They should be one side coated only to save the costs, and actually because the pages should be mounted back to back, so two sides coated are not necessary absolutely.
4. Pages and Panels
You could indicate page accounts for smythe sewn, perfect binding or coil book printing jobs. But for board book printing jobs, you shall need to advise how many panels or spreadsheets for each copy. Each panel or spreadsheet is made from mounting back to back, so actually each panel or spreadsheet includes 4 pages, it also happens to cover.
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