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Comb Book Printing (Softcover)


Image Printing Ltd offers Comb Softcover Book Printing service : (1) A5 portrait. (2) 300gsm C1S as cover plus lamination. (3) 100gsm colorful wood free paper as text no printing. (4) Punch 4mm x 6mm rectangular holes, and bind with black combs.

Different Binding Methods Available for Different Book Printing Requirements:
Saddle stitch binding is available for thin documents and book printing jobs. Regularly it can bind no more than 3mm thick book, and 8pp at least. Most booklet and brochure printing jobs can be assembled by this method.
Perfect binding is workable for thick book printing jobs more than 3mm, and over 2mm at least. Regularly it can bind softcover book printing job, but if the PUR glue is applied, it can also bind hardcover book printing job. For thick book printing job, saddle stitch binding can not work, so perfect binding comes out for this case.
If you require binding heavy stock paper into a book, perfect binding will not work well. Some loose-leaf binding can be considered like comb book printing, wire-o book printing, spiral book printing or ring book printing. Among of them, ring book printing and binding is the most flexible and possible to loose binding. Some pages can be punched and gathered into ring book very easily. So for the documents or book to be replaced or updated regularly, ring binding is a good method.
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