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Hardcover Cookbook Printing


Image Printing Ltd offers high quality Hardcover Cookbook Printing and comb book printing service : (1) Comb bound hardcover book, cookbook. (2) A5 size, portrait format. (3) 128gsm C1S paper plus lamination over 2.50mm grey board as case. (4) 157gsm C2S paper as text. (5) 120gsm wood free paper as endpaper. 

Brief Introductions to Comb Book Printing and Binding Process:
Similar with spiral and wire-o book printing jobs, typically comb book printing and binding is one of the several means to make a loose-leaf book. Within this method, you can use round plastic spines with either 19 or 21 rings depending on the size of book along with a puncher that makes rectangular holes on the book to be bound, which is called a plastic comb binder. Generally speaking, this sort of binding is carried out by printers if the customer requires large quantities, but you can also buy a comb binding machine for your home or office use for a relatively low price.
To bind the book, firstly you might have to load the book block into the machine. Generally a comb binding machine can punch a certain number pages in one going, which means that if you are binding a large number of pages you may have to punch them a few at a time. Once all holes are punched, the rings on the plastic spine are opened and inserted into the holes. As a consequence, the rings close up and you have all necessary pages bound into book form. These rings can be opened again if you need to add extra pages later. That is why come binding is called one of loose-leaf binding methods.
Of course, if you plan to buy a comb binding machine, you will be provided with a user guide, in this guide manual, you will exactly be advised how to go about the binding process. Please kindly remember that, you should never punch more sheets than recommended by the manufacturer. It would be a good idea to punch lesser number of sheets rather than load the machine to full capacity so as not strain the machines parts which may potentially lead to damage and repair costs. It is also important to clear the chip tray on a regular basis to prevent it becoming blocked. Comb binding machines are aplenty today and there is no doubt that you can avail of a binding machine of your choice if you just browse the internet. But remember you have to have a fairly good idea of the type of binding machine that you have in mind. There are good variety of binding machines to suit every taste and pocket.
There are typically two major steps for comb binding. First one is the punching and next the binding. The punching area is generally found at the bottom of the machine, while the binding spines will be inserted into the pages either on the top or the side of the binding machine. The comb binder is placed into a row of stakes and normally the same lever that is utilized for the punching process is used to open or separate the teeth. When you have placed the punched pages in line with the teeth of the comb then the lever is released such that the teeth close round each other as a result of which the pages are held together.
Sample of Comb Materials:                                                 Sample of Comb Binding Machine:
Comb materials sample for comb book printingComb book printing and binding machine


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