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Ring Book Printing in China (Cloth Cover)


PVC Cover Ring Book Printing Service: (1) Ring book, cloth cover or other plastical materials. (2) A5 size, portrait format. (3) 128gsm C2S for text with 4c/4c printing. (4) A binder consists of rings, droppawl and rivets, the rivets for combining the binder and cover, the rings for holding the bookblock, and the droppawl for realizing the loose-leaf function.  

End leave Requirement with Ring Hardcover Book Printing:
If you could find a pre-punch or non-paper material for cover, you will make this simple. But this solution is not helpful to create an elegant ring book printing in China project. So our advice is to design a case wrapped by grey board for this kind of book printing jobs.
You will also have to consider a good material for end leave. Printed and laminated coated paper is first option, back up option is to apply special card with or without coated layer. It could be printed or not, but laminated necessarily if you want to use coated art paper. Die-cutting should also be applied to end leave if the card is a little heavy. Otherwise, the case will be hard to fold or open. The paper should be with good tear-resistance performance, and flexible to combine with the glue.
Except for above tips, the grain should be treated seriously especially for heavy stocks over 157gsm, which is very important to help keep the case from bowing and twisting. Any way, it is not easy to process a hardcover ring book printing job.


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