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Ring Book Printing sample

Ring Book Printing Services (Softcover)


Ring Book Printing : (1) 5-rings bound, softcover book. (2) 8.5" x 8.5". (3) 300gsm brown Kraft paper as cover. (4) 120gsm wood free paper as text. (5) Punch the bookblock, bind with D-rings or O-rings.

Ring Binder and Introductions to Ring Book Printing :

Ring binders offer an affordable and possible solution to bind your important book printing jobs. However, in order to apply ring binders properly, you shall need to get something about the resources and supplier that are able to make everything easier and more efficient, such as hole punching devices, reinforcement labels, and even pre-punch paper. There are many difference things with spiral or wire-o book printing jobs. So we would like to list below tips and hope them could be helpful for you when you have a ring book printing in China.
Among all of them, the important is to select right ring for your book. Almost all suppliers are available to provide O-ring and D-ring varieties which can take hundred of pages or more. The color, the size and the mode also should be considered based on your book size and book block thickness. We believe you can require a special costumed color or type binder if you would like to buy more or pay more of course.
Index tabs and relevant reinforcements labels should be taken seriously too if you want to keep your book organized, and make sure the tabs strong enough for tear-resistance. With these tabs you can categorize all pages by date, subject matter and more factors. Without special reinforcements, index tabs might be very easy to accidentally tear out of your books. You can fix this problem with reinforcement labels that are basically little adhesive rings that repair your paper so it can be placed back in the book. There are special machine to make the reinforcements.
Finally you might need a few accessories such as business card pockets, CD holders for multimedia items, and sheet protectors so those important pages will not become damaged. All of them are flexible and removable. If you have a good supply of these items on-hand, you will be going to find that using ring binders is easy, efficient, and enjoyable.
O-ring Binder Illustration:                                                                                                   
O-ring for ring book printing in China
D-ring Binder Illustration:
D-ring for ring book printing in China
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