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Small booklet printing

Small Booklet printing is a powerful sales tool and an excellent way to communicate key messages about your products and services. So bring your business to life. Your booklet content will jump off the page with superior color printing and perfect saddle stitch binding from Image printing Ltd. 


Image printing Ltd offer the most popular fold position as our standards on all booklet printing projects. The half fold position can be either horizontal or vertical. Additionally, we ?°„stitch?°ņ your booklets together with staples using a process called, ?°„saddle stitch?°ņ.  If a half fold is what you need, saddle stitch will work for your Small booklet printing project.


Saddle stitching involves using wire like a staple to bind your booklet pages together. We typically use three ?°„stitches?°ņ. The stitches are cut and closed on the inside of the fold to avoid the closed ends from snagging. On the outside of the fold, or the spine, only the smooth ?°„head?°ņ of each stitch or staple can be seen or felt. You can easily see an example of our folding and stitching. Get a free booklet sample


Custom folding and stitching

If your booklet printing project requires a unique fold or binding other than stitching, we can help! Just describe the folding or binding options you are looking for when you start a custom booklet printing quote.

A business person has a variety of options available to him/her if they are using print media as a tool for marketing. Advanced digital printing of  booklets are a terrific option and the leading printing company, Image printing Ltd offers many affordable solutions.


A Booklet or book printed with 4-color process is an immensely strong marketing tool to highlight and describe your products and services. With the help of glossy paper and alluring product descriptions, you can make sure that a prospective customer becomes a regular customer. A Bookis a detailed multiple page tool, almost like many brochures bound together for easy reference. Color Booklets are a fantastic option for affordable direct mail to customers and inclusion in trade journals, product manuals, sales promotions at trade fairs and inclusion in the annual business reports.  


 4 color product book printing are also a brilliant way to enhance product sales. Small booklet printing, also known as catalogs, can be printed in full color schemes or simple black and white. With the click of the mouse you can quickly find affordable online quotes for Booklet  printing and book printing with all the relevant details about color schemes, size and the paper quality to be used in your book. The 2 most popular binding options available are saddle stitching and perfect binding. Saddle stitching generally has 2 stitches in the spine and perfect binding has a glued spine with a square finish. Booklets are very important documents that can make a very positive statement about your company.

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