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Hardcover Notebook Printing Services,notebook print,printed notebooks,Notebook Printing

Hardcover Notebook Printing Services (Smythe Sewn)


Affordable Custom notebook Printing: (1) A5 portrait, or customed sizes. (2) Hardcover notebook, smythe sewn. (3) Leather materials mounted on grey board. (4) 120gsm wood free paper as text and endpaper.print notebook,custom notebook printing,custom printed notebooks,notebook print,printed notebooks,Notebook Printing.

Casebound or Hardcover Notebook Printing

Like book printing jobs, there are many binding methods for hardcover notebook printing requirements. Spiral binding, wire-o binding, ring binding, comb binding are available, but we recommend smythe sewn binding for hardcover version.

In some stores, maybe you feel hard to distinguish a hardcover notebook from a pile of books/notebooks. Actually except for the words and lines printed, a book could be regarded as a notebook from the cover and design. A notebook can be applied to all technical treating processes as what a book does. The hardcover, the endpaper, the ribbon, the H/T, and many others are all available for a hardcover smythe sewn notebook printing job.

Here is a detailed specifications sample of hardcover smythe sewn notebook:

8.5" x 11" or 6" x 9" portrait, two options

192pp text + 8pp endpaper + case

100gsm uncoated wood free paper with printing black lines and PMS 484U decorative patterns on both sides, all text pages are same.

Rainbow Antique no embossing endleave paper

157gsm C1S with printing 4c/0c plus lamination wrapped over 2.5mm grey board as case

Hardcover. smythe sewn, black and white H/T, red ribbon marker, foil stamping on notebook spine


*** all text pages are same, correct! They are not unnecessary for such indication, although we might get general ideas that all text pages should be same for a notebook. However, sometimes, creative designs will generate amazing results.

Smythe Sewn Hardcover Notebook Show:

Hardcover Smythe Sewn Notebook Printing

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