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Hardcover Book printing (Dummy)


Hardcover Book Dummy printing Service: (1) A4 size, portrait format. (2) Smythe Sewn binding. (3) 2.5mm grey board, 128gsm C1S with matte lamination. (4) 120gsm wood free paper as endpaper, 128gsm C2S as text. (5) Square and loose back, without H/T bands or ribbons. (6) Dummy for presenting the materials and binding when the order is to be confirmed. 

Why and when you shall require a dummy for book printing jobs --
After we make the agreement with prices and others, you can require a dummy for hardcover book printing or wire-o book printing jobs, the reason is that you can get some ideas about the materials and structure, especially for complex book printing jobs. There are some slightly difference between China local paper and imported overseas paper. In this case, if you have some special requirements about the opacity, brightness and thickness, you should definitely have a dummy before placing the orde to make sure consistent with what you did in other printers.
We hope to provide the dummy after we get prices compromise with you, which is the base for further actions. Otherwise, you know it does not make sense for us to make the dummy. But if you try to expand long run cooperation or for some big projects, we could make a dummy for checking binding quality.
So now I would like to summarize the function of dummy before placing an order as below:
(1) Check the materials
(2) Check the binding
(3) Check the structure
Two dummy samples for hardcover book printing jobs --
dummy for hardcover book printinga dummy for hardcover book printing
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