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Photography Book printing,Hardcover Book Printing (Photography Book)

Hard cover photo book printing


(1) A4 size, landscape format. (2) Smythe sewn. (3) 157gsm C1S with lamination over 2mm grey board as case, 157gsm C2S for text, 120gsm wood free paper as endpaper. (4) CMYK printing on cover and text, glossy varnish flood coating on text. (5) Loose back with black H/T bands.

Normal Paper Parameters for Book Printing Jobs --
When you want to know more about paper parameters during the process of designing a book, or try to match paper quality with last edition, you should get something about these parameters. Here we would like to introduce some for our customer reference.
(1) For a hardcover book printing job, the grey board is necessary. Here we list the converting between different systems of unit.
(2) PPI means pages per inch, which is to define the thickness of paper. If you try to make your book thickness in certain range, you shall pay more attention to the PPI, which is useful for thin book printing jobs.
(3) There are three more systems of unit normally used to define paper thickness, gsm, pt and lb. PT is normally for paperboard, you can find the converting between pt and gsm for ardcard.
190gsm (8pt)
210gsm (9pt)
230gsm (10pt)
260gsm (12pt)
310gsm (14pt)
360gsm (16pt)
LB means one ream paper weight in size 25" x 38", such as 57lb paper is equal to 500sheets x 25" x 38" x 85gsm / 0.4536. Some normal useful converting formula is listed as below.
85gsm (57lb)
95gsm (64lb)
115gsm (78lb)
128gsm (86lb)
135gsm (91lb)
140gsm (93lb)
157gsm (106lb)
(4) Opacity and Brightness are two parameters to indicate paper quality. When the opacity is high, you can not find fiber grain from opposite side. Brightness is important to print wide range tones images, high brightness paper is helpful to perform shinny or heavy coverage ink.
Offset Paper Sample for Text Pages and Cover
Offset Paper for Book Printing jobCard Sample for Cover of Book Printing
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