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Hardcover Book Printing (Photography Book)


(1) A4 size, portrait or landscape format. (2) Smythe sewn binding. (3) 128gsm or 157gsm C1S for cover with lamination over 2.50mm grey board as case, 128gsm or 157gsm C2S for text body, 120gsm or 140gsm wood free paper as endpaper. (4) CMYK printing on cover and text, varnish necessary for matte C2S text with heavy ink coverage. (5) Loose back, with or w/o H/T bands, other surface finishing to be applied over lamination workable.


The illustation for flat spine hardcover book printing before casing in process:


For all section sewing titles, no matter hardcover or softcover book printing (Wire-o and spiral book printing jobs not like this), the F & G or bookblock manufacturing process is the necessary before covering or casing in. F & G means floding, gathering and sewing. There is a case applied to hardcover books. The case shall be grey board wrapped by PLC, cloth and leather etc. Endpaper, backing lining, backing paper performs the function to enforce the book tightly. This is a normal hardcover book printing job workflow.

The illustration for flat spine hardcover book printingHardcover Book Printing


Many people are complaining that they can not find good book printers to help their out. In fact you can try to find book printing company in China. First the printing cost should be much lower because of cheap labors, secondly we gurantee the printing quality, which you can get informed of many people who do business printing with China.


Image Printing packaging Ltd is a professional book printing company in China. We provide first-class book printing service.


Economical Hardcover Books Sizes

    (1) A4 hardcover book: 192mm x 258mm (7-1/2" x 10")

    (2) Big A4 hardcover book: 216mm x 285mm (8.5" x 11-1/4")

    (3) A5 hardcover book: 130mm x 190mm (5" x 7-1/2")

    (4) Big A5 hardcover book: 140mm x 216mm (5-1/2" x 8.5")

    (5) Basic size paper 25" x 38" (635mm x 965mm): 152mm x 229mm (6" x 9")

*** 25" x 38" is basic size of sheet paper, it is also popular and easy to get in China local market same as overseas printing market.

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