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Notepad Printing


Affordable Custom notepad Printing! (1) Hardcover, perfect bound. (2) 128gsm C1S with 4 colors printing plus matte lamination and 2mm foam mounted on 2mm grey board as cover. (3) 128gsm C1S with 4 colors printing as liner. (4) 300gsm C1S with PMS printing as pocket glued on backer to hold text body. (5) 100gsm wood free paper as text body, and 250gsm C1S as its cover, backer of the cover inserted into the pockets. 

Hardcover Notepad Printing Specifications:

There are two main binding methods for notepad printing jobs, topbound and spiral/wire-o binding. There are no obvious difference between spiral/wire-o binding notepad with spiral/wire-o book printing jobs. But for hardcover topbound notepad printing jobs, there are some difference compared with regular hardcover book printing jobs.

For topbound hardcover notepad printing, the book block after trimming shall be glued on top directly so as to finish the binding. Normally there is a base made of heavy stock behind of all text pages. The base functions to joint the body and the case. It can be glued directly to the case, which is an economical way to make it work. Another way is to sleeve the base into the pocket of case, the pocket is located inside of back cover, and made of paperboard or clothes etc. In this case, you can find the difference between regular hardcover case and the one for hardcover topbound notepad printing jobs.

The text body for notepad printing jobs could be printed light color background such as company logo or patterns, or some unique words to indicate some idioms. Of course, it is also workable to keep text pages blank or just black lines. Deluxe notepad printing jobs can be designed full colors plus pantone colors to make the image charming.

     Hardcover Topbound Notepad Printing                 Hardcover Wire-O Notepad Printing

Hardcover Topbound Notepad PrintingWire-o Binding Notepad Printing

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