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Pop-Up Book Printing
Pop-Up Book Printing Service : (1) Hardcover or board bound book. (2) Small and suare size. (3) 157gsm -300gsm C1S with full colors printing. (4) Not only each 4-page mounted over backer to backer, many paper parts created

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Pop-Up Book Printing (Hardcover)
The pop-up book means any three-dimentional or movable book, including the transformations, tunnel books, flaps, pull-tabs, pop-outs, pull-downs etc, each of which performs in a different manner but employ nearly techniques (folding, die-cutting and

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Pop-Up Book Printing (Album Book)
(1) Hardcover board bound book. (2) 8.5" x 8.5". (3) 128gsm C1S plus lamination over 2mm grey board as case. (4) 200gsm C2S died cut the frame for picture, and glued backer to backer. (5) Make the case and case in. How to require a quotation for

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Pop-Out Book Printing Services
Image Printing Ltd offers pop-up book printing: (1) Board bound. (2) 8" x 10" portrait. (3) 128gsm C1S plus lamination over 3mm grey board as case. (4) 200gsm C1S as text. (5) The pop-out creates a room when the book opened. The

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Pop-Up Book Printing Services
The complex die-cutting, multi-folding and gingerly gluing makes of this fantastic three-dimensional composition. The compare between board book printing and pop-up book printing   Although sometimes, it is hard to distinguish the difference

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Pop-Up Book Printing Service
The key point of making a pop-up book, is to die cut the creative component parts accurately and then glue them to right position.   Brief introductions to history of pop-up book printing   It was reported that pop-up book