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Pop-Up Book Printing (Album Book)


(1) Hardcover board bound book. (2) 8.5" x 8.5". (3) 128gsm C1S plus lamination over 2mm grey board as case. (4) 200gsm C2S died cut the frame for picture, and glued backer to backer. (5) Make the case and case in.

How to require a quotation for pop-up book printing job
Whatever stage you are in designing a pop-up book printing job, you could require a quotation to estimate your costs. Especially for high portion of hand-making costs, you had better plan to print it in China or other developing countries. But we believe the quality is much more important than the costs to you, so in China you could find proper book printing factories providing high quality and reasonable prices.
Similar with other section book printing jobs, you need indicate the size that you want. If there is a case, the case size should be advised too. This is because the overhanging of pop-up book printing could be very special which is not like 3mm normally for regular hardcover book printing jobs. If you could advise each size for those paper parts popping out or down, that will be very helpful.
Materials that you want to use should be advised certainly. There is no special except for the text pages. The text pages paper can not be very thick like board books. Normally 200gsm lower or higher slightly is available. Because there are much folding, slitting, cutting and other paper engineering works involved, and finally the book should be closed before reaching to end users, the text pages applied can not be too thick, otherwise, there will cause some quality problem like bursting and out of glue etc.
If you want to get precise prices for actual book, we believe a sample book or detail illustration for each page is necessary. That is because we try to get more ideas about how each page works, based on this information, we can estimate labor costs to make them by hand. The slower the working, the more complex the function. Slower working will cause much more time and costs to make the pages. Of course, you could adjust your design based on actual producing needed, we hope to create interactive and efficient communication between us, to help you get ideal pop-up books in high quality and reasonable prices.
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