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Pop-Up Book Printing (Hardcover)


The pop-up book means any three-dimentional or movable book, including the transformations, tunnel books, flaps, pull-tabs, pop-outs, pull-downs etc, each of which performs in a different manner but employ nearly techniques (folding, die-cutting and gluing etc).

Pop-up book printing and binding type introductions
Because there are much creative and imaging works involved in pop-up book printing and binding designs, there will come out many types pop-up book. But typically, there are transformations, volvelles and tunnel books.
Transformations show a scene made up of vertical slats. Through pulling a tab on the side, the slats slide under and over another to transform into a totally different scene. Normally there are at least three layers in each slide involved to make the changing work. Transformation is a main and typical technique during pop-up books making. There are many famous books and authors come out from the innovation of transformation.
Volvelles mainly means paper constructions with rotating parts. These books normally are full of nested circular pieces revolving on grommets. Some paper parts are generated and encircle something like grommets, they are flexible and movable, and can display different images combined when they are rotating.
Tunnel books, also called peepshow books, consist of a set of pages bound with two folded concertina strips on each side and viewed through a hole in the cover. Openings in each page allow the viewer to see through the entire book to the back, and images on each page work together to create a dimensional scene inside. This type of book dates from the mid-18th century and was inspired by theatrical stage sets. Traditionally, these books were often created to commemorate special events or sold as souvenirs of tourist attractions. The term tunnel book derives from the fact that many of these books were made to commemorate the building of the tunnel under the Thames River in London in the mid-19th century. In the United States, tunnel books were made for such attractions as World's Fairs. Recently the tunnel book format has been resurrected by book artists as a sculptural book form. Artists are interested not only in interior views, but also in treating the side accordions and covers as informational and visual surfaces.

1,Professional printing factory
2,OEM order are welcome
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Children Book Printing Service

1.Material:glossy art paper

2. Sewn binding and 4 colors printing

3.Glossy or matte lamination on cover

Product specification

1.Material C2S/Pearl  art paper mounting on grey cardboard, woodfree paper or C2S glossy art paper or matt art paper
2.Color CMYK
3.Finishing Hot stamping /UV Spot for the LOGO, lamination for outside
4.Binding Saddle stiching;Perfect binding;Sew thread binding;Square back;Circle back;Sprial binding;Wire-O binding;paper back binding;Fabric binding;Casebound binding
5.MOQ 2000pcs
6.Sample leading time Within 7 days
7.Customize Acceptable
8.Package Export carton with pallet
9.Payment term TT/LC
10.Factory Visit Warmly welcome


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