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Pop-Up Book Printing Service : (1) Hardcover or board bound book. (2) Small and suare size. (3) 157gsm -300gsm C1S with full colors printing. (4) Not only each 4-page mounted over backer to backer, many paper parts created and glued with text pages. (5) Fantastic, creative and various designs necessary for this kind of kids books.

Brief introductions to pop-up book printing
When you say pop-up book printing, you might realize it means any three-dimension or movable book. The term pop-up is often applied to describe this book. But in fact, the term movable book includes pop-up books, transformation books, tunnel books, volvelles, flaps, pull-tab books, pop-out books, pull-down books and more, and each of them performs in a different manner. But in principle, these books are applied to almost same techniques, they are three-dimensional cards.
Design and creation of pop-up book printing and binding is known as paper engineering, but it is not the term for paper making science. It actually means origami and folded paper techniques. Furthermore, it is not simple origami, because there are much scissors and glue involved, and pop-up book tends to be made with very bendy paper, and require much glue, scissors and stiff card, absolutely not just folding.
It is very creative and challenging to design a pop-up book printing and binding project. Besides many materials involved, the designers should have very strong dimension controlling and imaging capability. They also should know how to arrange every paper parts in order to realize the designing. But in printing engineering, maybe some of designs could not be realized, or will cause much more costs, so the designers had better know much more about printing and packaging techniques, furthermore how to control and estimate the manufacturing costs.
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