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Flex Bound Book printing

Book Printing (Flexibound Book)


Flex Bound Book printing Service: (1) Flex bound book, smythe sewn. (2) A4, A5 or any sizes customed. (3) 250gsm - 350gsm C1S with lamination, or leatherette paper mounted over 0.5mm bible board as case. (4) Coated or uncoated paper as text. (5) Die cut the case and then case in, with H/T bands and ribbon as option. 

Flexibound Softcover Book Printing Job:
Compared with hardcover book printing jobs, flexibound softcover book printing jobs have no grey board wrapped by PLC but with similar performance. They also can be bound with H/T, ribbon marker and other else that hardcover book printing jobs could require. But any way, the binding process is different absolutely.
The cover for flexibound softcover book printing job normally is heavy stock artcard, like 250gsm one side coated card etc. The cover should be firstly die cut after lamination, and then glued. This cover making process normally could be done by machines. The treating to book block is same as one of hardcover book printing jobs. In China, many book printing factories have the facilities to case in this type of books.
If you want you book light than hardcover design, but with hardcover ceremonial performance, now you have it!
Details of Softcover Book Printing JobFlexible Softcover Book Printing
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