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Softcover Book Printing (Perfect Binding)


Perfect Binding Softcover Book Printing Service: (1) Perfect binding, paperback book printing. (2) A5 size, portrait format. (3) 250gsm C2S for cover with full colors printing plus lamination. (4) 128gsm C2S for text with full colors printing. (5) Cover with flap, flush the edges.

Something New about Softcover Book Printing Jobs Design
4pp cover plus definite pages for text, it is a simple and typical softcover book printing job specifications. In recent years, in order to make the book diverse, some more extra pages would be affiliated.
Traditionally the endpaper or end leave is just available for hardcover book printing jobs, or wire-o book printing jobs. But now in many bookshops, you might find some softcover books have 2pp end sheet between the inside of front cover and first page, and another 2pp end sheet between the inside of back cover and last page. Regularly, these 4pp extra end sheets are uncoated special paper with fantastic texture, but without printing. You might be not able to make sure what these 4pp pages are for, but they are just there.
Another extra part may perform to promote. It is bellyband. Normally it is printed full colors and laminated. We are not sure if it might be found on a hardcover book printing job. Some promotion words and attractive images may be printed over it. Some thin uncoated special paper is also available as bellyband. Except for die cutting, there is no more extra finishing applied to it,paperback book printing,paperback printing.
4pp end sheet for Softcover book printingBelly band for a softcover book printing job
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