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Soft cover Book Printing (Travel Guide Book)


Image Printing Ltd specializes in soft cover book printing in China, we have qualified Soft cover printing equipments and staffs so we can reduce the costs and keep prompt interactive.(1) A5 size, portrait format. (2) Perfect bound, or smythe sewn. (3) 200gsm - 300gsm C1S with CMYK printing plus glossy lamination. (4) Text with CMYK printing on 105gsm - 157gsm glossy C2S or 60gsm - 90gsm LWC paper. (5) Heavy ink coverage over text to present fantastic pictures.  

The Character of Softcover Book Printing Jobs:
1. Size
In order to take conveniently, the size is normal less than A4 size. 6" x 9", A5 and A6 pocket sizes are popular. So the book could be placed in tourist's pocket.
2. Binding Type
Softcover or flexi binding are available normally, however, hardcover book printing or wire-o book printing designs are not workable for travel guide books. Symthe sewn or perfect binding with PUR glue are good for this book. Because the book should be easy to be flatten.
3. Surface Finishing
Normally the cover should be laminated over heavy stocks in order to protect the book. It is very important, because during the trip the tourist might need to turn over books from time to time, the lamination could protect the book from water or sweat.
4. Text Paper
The text pages should be printed full colors to reflect colorful images. So the paper should be glossy coated art paper. But in order to save the costs and reduce the weight, we recommend using light weight coated art paper. The weight is normally less than 90gsm, 64gsm, 70gsm and 80gsm are workable too.

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