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Softcover Book Printing (Instrument Catalog)


Instruement Softcover Book Printing service: (1) Perfect bound, punch several holes. (2) A4 size, portrait format. (3) 250gsm C1S as cover with 4c/1c printing plus lamination. (4) 80gsm wood free paper as text with 4c/4c printing. (5) 200gsm C2S as insert with 4c/4c printing.

The Effect of Paper Thickness to Softcover Book Printing and Binding Workflow
1. Regular folding machines can fold the paper from 60gsm to 250gsm, but 8pp per section for over 175gsm paper, 4pp per section for over 250gsm paper, which is avaliable for most book printing jobs.
2. If the thickness of book block is 2mm - 75mm, it can be covered by machine. But it will be 3mm at least for perfect binding softcover book printing jobs, however, there could be much more thick for hardcover book printing jobs.
3. If it is a smythe sewn softcover book printing job, the book block is no less than 3 sections.
4. The paper for softcover should be 157gsm to 300gsm.
5. If text paper is thick more than 128gsm, PUR glue is recommended for perfect binding softcover book printing jobs.
6. For perfect binding softcover book printing jobs, if there are some insert pages, the paper should be from 120gsm to 250gsm, but can not be sequential and contiguous.
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