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Softcover Book Printing (Fiction Book)


(1) Regular A5 size. (2) Perfect binding. (3) C1S (200gsm - 350gsm) for cover full colors printing with lamination, foil stamping or spot UV varnish. (4) Wood free paper (60gsm - 120gsm) for text, or high bulky light weight paper (60gsm - 100gsm), only black ink printed on both sides.

High Bulky Wood Free Paper Used in Fiction Book Printing Jobs:
In recent several years, high bulky wood free paper has been used popularly in fiction book printing jobs. It is much lighter than regular bulky wood free paper, which will help to save much cost in producing, transporting and distributing processes. The people would like to take much lighter book made from high bulky wood free paper. This paper does include much more mechanical wood pulp but no FBA, so the shadow is ivory or cream which is useful for long time reading. This good shadow and high opacity can protect the eyes. This paper is also very suitable for printing and further treating.
High bulky wood free paper is very popular in Japan, USA and Europe. But in China, it has been imported several ten years before from Sweden Munkdkal. At that time it was called as Mengken paper when it was used in China. Now some people in China still call high bulky wood free paper as Mengken paper. Nowadays, more and more paper mills launch to produce this type paper, and there are many mature and good high bulky wood free paper made by China paper mills for choosing already.
1. Light but thick. It can replace regular wood free paper with same thickness, but the weight is much more less for transporting and carrying.
2. Natural shadow. It is close to natural wood pulp, and useful to protect the eyes.
3. Good surface finishing. It is good at absorbing the ink but not reflect redundant light.
4. Environment-friendly. It does not include FBA or coating materials, could be kept for long time.
The bulk of High bulky wood free paper can reach to 1.90 cube cm per gram, but it is only 1.14 cube cm per gram for regular bulky wood free paper, which means 60gsm high bulky wood free paper has same thickness as 80gsm regular bulky wood free paper. For a same softcover book printing job, the paper costs could be reduced by 20% - 25% if high bulky wood free paper would be applied. So we think high bulky wood free paper would become more and more popular in fiction book printing jobs in China.
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