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Softcover Book Printing Services


(1) Softcover book printing services. (2) Regular A4 size. (3) Smythe sewn, perfect binding or saddle stitching. (4) C1S or C2S (200gsm - 350gsm) for cover with 4 colors printing plus lamination. (5) Text with full colors or PMS ink printing on uncoated wood free paper (60gsm - 120gsm), C2S paper (105gsm - 157gsm), LWC paper (70gsm - 90gsm) or SC paper (48gsm - 64gsm).


Main Binding Type for Softcover Book Printing Jobs:
1. Saddle stitch binding, including self-cover and separate cover, means two or three iron wires stitch the pages, not available for hardcover book printing job. The pages are stitched in the middle of them just like a saddle, so we call this type as saddle stitching. Among most of softcover book printing jobs, if the book is thin less than 3mm regularly, we recommend saddle stitch binding type. It is popular with the booklet, pamphlet, brochure, thin exercise book etc.
2. Smythe sewn binding, if the customer requires thick book easy to flat during a softcover book printing job, we recommend smythe sewn binding. Nylon threads are applied to sew the F & G together before covering. In China most book printing factories, after the F & G is ready, the book block should be moved to sew, so the F & G and sewing are two separate processes, they can not be generated to one sequential process. If the order is very tremendous, smythe sewn binding will take much more time than perfect binding.
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