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High quality Spiral Book Printing

Spiral Book Printing (Hardcover)


Image Printing Ltd offers high quality spiral book printing service : (1) Spiral binding. (2) A5 size, portrait format. (3) 128gsm C1S over 2mm grey board as case. (4) 100gsm wood free paper as endpaper and text. (5) Foil stamping or debossing etc applied to case, colorful spirals. 

Spiral and Wire-o Binding to Support Your Self-publish:
When you are trying to discover right binding method for your self-published books, you will find there are many choices ranging from the simple (saddle stitching book printing) to the sophisticated (smythe sewn hardcover book printing). Actually one of your best options is spiral or wire-o binding in which a plastic coil is inserted into the holes in your book. This is an easy way to assemble books and it also looks great, but it does require some special equipment and techniques. Firstly you need to select color coils, and these are simply plastic spirals available in various thickness and colors. Coils can bind books that contain up to 440 pages. There are available in a spectrum of colors from black to PMS color.
You will also need a spiral binding machine. A good one will have a hole punch as well as a coil inserter. When choosing your machine, make sure to choose that with a good punching capacity. Punching is probably the most time-consuming process so your machine should be able to punch as many holes as possible in one lift. Also, a vertical punching mechanism is something to look for because gravity will pull the paper down into the machine so it can be perfectly punched. Other feature to look for is depth of punch margin control and an ergonomic punching handle. When you are ready to bind your books, begin by punching the pages. After then you can either insert the coil by hand or use a coil inserter. If your book is thick, you might want to use a spine former. A spine former will gently curve the edge of your document so that it is easier to insert a coil.
Spiral Punch Machine for Spiral Book Printing Job
After you have spun a coil through the holes in your document, it is time to crimp, which requires a special type of pliers called crimpers. Using crimpers can be tricky at first, but you can become adept at using them with a little bit of practice. To crimp the ends, hold the book, ensuring that it is parallel to the table or floor. Hold the crimpers in your right hand with the face dot facing up at you. Grab the top end of the coil and twist it to tuck it inside. Then do this to the other end. Make sure you always do the crimping part when bind your documents. This helps the book stay together because the coil will not spin out of it.
Plier for spiral book printing
This is a brief overview of how spiral binding is done, and obviously it is a good document finishing method if you are interested in self-publishing because it is easy to do and does not require many supplies.
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