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Spiral Bound Book Printing (Softcover)


Image Printing Ltd offers quality spiral-bound book printing service: (1) Spiral binding. (2) A6 size, landscape format. (3) C1S 200gsm - 350gsm  as cover. (4) C2S 90 - 157gsm or wood free paper 60gsm - 140gsm for text body. (5) Perforation close to the spine.

Spiral Binding Brief Introductions:
Spiral binding is also known as coil binding, a very popular book printing and binding style. It is available for creating the documents, presentations and reports. Sometimes, this binding style is known by a number of other names, such as spiral coil, color coil, plastic coil and coil binding etc. The documents binding with spiral coil can be open flat easily and offer entire rotation. The book with this binding style is extremely durable and suitable for mailing. The coil materials are also available in many sizes and colors.
One advantage of spiral coil material is flexible length. Normally the suppliers sell them in roll size. When the workers in book printing factories need this material, they can cut off certain size from the roll, and then divide definite size for the book or document, which could reduce the wastage and costs. The coils will cross the book through punched holes, and then crimped at each end of the book. Fixed length spiral coil materials are also available for most spiral book printing jobs, but among them 9" and 12' coils are popular. They are for 6" x 9" and A4 size books.
Spiral coil materials supplies are available in a wide variety of colors. In fact, there are more than hundred of standard colors available for binding documents, which makes spiral coil binding as an excellent choice for book printing factories that want to match the spine to a specific color palette. It is also possible to get a PMS color match for organizations that want their spines to match the exact colors used in their printed materials.
Spiral binding spines are normally measured in millimeters but not inches. Spiral coils are available in sizes as small as 6mm and as large as 56mm depending on the pitch of coil chosen. However, it is important to note that binding thick documents using spiral coil can be difficult. When a large document is punched for coil binding the path through the holes will be straight. However, the coil binding spines are curved. This means that it is necessary to shape the spine of the document into a curve in order to allow the coil to cross smoothly through the holes. There are special tools generally used for this purpose.
Spiral Book Printing and Binding Process
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