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Wire-O Book Printing (Softcover)


Image Printing Ltd offers Softcover wire-o book printing service: (1) Wire-O binding. (2) A5 size, portrait format. (3) Colorful PVC or other plastics as cover with foil stamping or silk screen printing. (4) 100gsm wood free paper as text. (5) Black or other colors wire-o, punch 4 round corners.

Plastic Materials Cover Finishing for Softcover Wire-o Book Printing Jobs:
There are two kinds of plastic materials for softcover wire-o book printing jobs. One is the material coated by liquid plastic material with paper or cloth base, another is the plastic materials like PVC, PU, PET etc. But there are something similar in printing and finishing on these two kinds of material.
(1) Printing
Offset printing using UV inks is available for this material, but because of high costs that happen mainly in make-ready stage, it is not very popular for most of book printing projects. Silk screen printing is an economical solution, and it can create fantastic images on the surface, but the costs are less than the one of offset printing. Especially for multi-color printing on this material, silk screen printing is a good solution to get ideal quality and costs. It can be also colorful originally.
(2) Finishing
Compared with paper materials, plastic materials are stronger and with good tear-resistance. What is more, the surface has been already coated by liquid polyester or poly materials. So normally we will not laminate or coat the material any more. Regular finishing is to foil stamping and demossing.
PVC cover wire-o book printing Printed PVC softcover wire-o book printing
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