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Book Printing Services (Wire-O & Spiral)


(1) Custom hardcover wire-o book printing, softcover book printing available. (2) A4 or A5, or any sizes customed, portrait or landscape format. (3) Double wires, concealed, unconcealed or semi-concealed for hardcover, unconcealed or semi-concealed for softcover. (4) Normal materials for wire-o book, over 200gsm C1S endpaper for concealed hardcover book. (5) Special packaging requirements for wire-o or spiral book.

General Knowledge of Folding:

When we estimate a book printing job, we might usually pay more attention to imposition, layout and paper size. But actually the folding also affects final costs to some extent especially for symthe sewn hardcover book printing. Of course, the folding can only process based on certain definite size printed sheets, but the qualification of machine also restrict how many pages per form finally. Below we want to introduce some qualification about folding machine.

Min. Size of Printed Sheets: 100 x 120mm
Max. Size of Printed Sheets: 780 x 1160mm
Min. Weight of Paper: 36gsm
Max. Weight of Paper: 250gsm
Pages/form: 8 (weight over 157gsm)
                  12 or 16 (weight above 105gsm for coated paper, above 80gsm for uncoated paper)
                  32 (weight lower than above paper)
Speed: 6000S/H - 9000S/H

Image Printing Packaging Limited instal Heidelberg Stahl KD series folding machines, detail qualification as below lists.

16pp+ Digital combination folder
RD78 Continuous loading round pile feeder
DCT2000 control system with self-learn mode & total & batch counter
Sound hoods
Electronic knives
VSA.M 86.1 presser/marker delivery
4 Parallel plates in the first unit with slit/score shafts
1st Knife at right angles with slitter shaft
2nd Knife to the left of first knife

Folding Machine for Book Printing Jobs

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