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Color Brochures Printing


Brochure Printing Services: (1) A4 landscape. (2) Saddle stitching. (3) self-cover, total 24pp, 157gsm matte C2S with 4c/4c printing. 

How to require the prices for a color brochure printing job?
When you try to require the prices for a color brochure printing job, it is necessary for you to get general ideas about the specifications. Here below is a typical specification sample for your reference.
(2) 48pp text + 4pp cover plus 2pp flap
(3) 105gsm glossy art paper with 4c/4c printing for text
(4) 230gsm C1S card with 4c/0c printing plus glossy lamination for cover
(5) Softcover, saddle stitching
(6) 1000cps
Just like other book printing jobs, the 210 x 279mm size is good for China local paper size and machine capability, based on this solution there are 16 pages per form, so you could get that some pages like 48pp is economical to the job.
Surely, if you try to save much more costs for cheap brochure printing job, you could consider designing self-cover, and require no lamination on cover, which will save much for the cover applied separately, because in this case we could treat the text and cover on time. Here is a sample for the specifications.
(1)  A4 size, 210 x 279mm (8.5" x 11")
(2)  48pp self-cover
(3)  105gsm glossy art paper with 4c/4c printing
(4)  Softcover, saddle stitching
(5)  1000cps

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