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Color Brochure Printing Sample

Color Brochure Printing


Color Brochure Printing : (1) A5 portrait. (2) Saddle stitching. (3) 230gsm C1S as cover 4pp with 4c/1c printing. (4) 90gsm matte LWC as text 32pp with 4c/4c printing.

Technical Specifications for Saddle Stitching Brochures Printing Jobs:

There are several technical specifications for brochures printing jobs bound by saddle stitching. It is good for you to know this before starting with your brochures printing jobs.
No matter which pages there are for each form, excluding the cover, max forms for each book should be six according to popular saddle stitching binding lines. At the same time, max size each book is 370 x 260mm, but it can not be less than 148 x 95mm. It is easy for you to understand that minimum pages per saddle stitching book is 8.
As we indicated before, regularly max thickness for saddle stitching jobs should be 3mm, if it is thicker than 3mm, two edges in spine will be broken during being cut on three-knife cutter machine. For example, if we design a brochure with the cover 250gsm C2S, and the text pages should be 128gsm, according to less 3mm requirements, max total text pages should be 48pages. If the text pages should be 157gsm, then max total text pages should be 36pages.
Brochures Printing JobColor Brochure Printing
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