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Envelope Printing samples

Envelope Printing Services (DL)


Custom envelope printing Services :  (1) DL, 220mm x 110mm. (2) 120gsm white Kraft paper with one solid PMS color printing.

General Information about Envelope Printing:
As a common packaging item, the envelope is usually made of thin and flat paper material. It is designed to contain a flat object such as a letter, a card, a flyer or something else. Traditionally, envelopes are made from sheets of paper which is cut into three shapes as a rhombus, a short-arm cross or a kite. These shapes allow for creation of structure by folding the sheet sides around a central rectangular area. In this manner a rectangle-faced enclosure is formed with an arrangement of four flaps on the reverse side.
When the folding sequence is such, the last flap to be closed is on a short side referred to in commercial envelope manufacture as a pocket. Although in principle, the flaps can be held by securing the topmost flap at a single point, generally they are pasted or gummed together at the overlaps. They are most commonly used for enclosing and sending mail (letters) through a prepaid-postage postal system. Security envelopes have a patterned tint printed inside, which makes it difficult to show the contents.
An aerogram is related to a letter sheet, both being designed to have writing inside to minimize the weight. Any handmade envelope is effectively a letter sheet because it offers the opportunity for writing a message prior to the folding stage. Window envelopes have a hole cut in the front side that allows the content within to be seen. They are generally arranged so that the sending address printed on the letter is visible to save the time of duplicating the address on the envelope itself. The window is normally covered by a piece of transparent or translucent film. The treated area became sufficiently translucent for the address to be readable.
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