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Flyer Printing Services (C2S)


Custom flyer printing : (1) 175mm x 250mm, 16pp. (2) 105gsm C2S with 4c/4c printing.

Image Printing is one of the best known online flyers printing company in china. It has been emerging as a leading printing flyers company for custom flyers and other products because of its high quality and excellent printing designs, services and products. The company provides online services for flyers printing all over the world. Along with providing a wide range of print flyers choices, Image printing furnishes professional assistance to the clients as well for full color flyers printing. Please communicate with us on live chat for cheap flyers and our sales executives will definitely help you with discount flyers printing online.

Business flyer is a medium of business communication between customer and business service providers

Are you searching unique-styled business flyers for your business communication and promotion? If you want to get extraordinary designs of flyers, you may get our printing services. We are offering presentable styles, designs and graphical images of flyer printing in the cheap rates. The custom flyers are commonly single sheet documentation which is printed in one or two shades in order to make it more attractive ones. The main function of custom flyers is to provide a source of communication between you and your customers, giving detailed information about your business services. The advertising flyers are representatives of advertisers to run their advertising campaign in the most successful manner.

Custom flyer printing:

If you are going to choose a custom flyer, you should know what are the current rates and your potential budgetary plans for printing flyers. You can estimate your budget by following factors, Quality, Quantity and Distribution. How much you can afford printing expenditures?  What is range of distribution for your business promotion? What kind of information relevancy is required? What kind of printing you want, single or double shaded process?

Image printing is a China flyer printing company offering the services of advertising flyers, folded heartland flyer, online park flyer printing, party flyer, budget flyers, restaurant flyers, publicity flyers, real estate flyer, standard flyers, preschool print flyer, promotional flyers, color flyer, american flyer, babysitting flyers, flexible digital flyer design printing, flyer layouts sources, flyer making services, car wash flyer, cheap flyer printing quote, band flyers, political flyers, custom flyer printing wholesale, daycare design a flyer, business flyers, recycled flyers, create club flyer

 If you are going to select print flyers, you should evaluate all these factors in order to get more productive results. The advanced technology of printing has innovated new styles to print flyers in exclusive manner which are highly efficient for your customers?бе deals.

Flyer printing is the best option when you launch a new product and want to project how your targeted audience will respond to it. A Flyer is simply a single advertising page that briefly communicates with your customer when they receive it by hand. The biggest advantage of Flyers printing is that they can be used as advertisement toll for all types of businesses. Flyers printing make full use of full Coloring CMYK/PMS process and graphic designing tools that makes them to meet your future business expectations. While going to printed Flyers, you have to choose a company that use high quality printed material particularly design and paper that are stylish and stable at the same time. Flyers printing is an economical way of communicating with mass public as you Flyers printing is done in bulk and you get good discounts on it.

A Specifications Sample for Flyer Printing Jobs:

1. A4 size, 210 x 297mm, 8pp (In theory any sizes customed are available, but actually the designers would finalize according to the reality).

2. 105gsm 70# coated paper better (Normally if the flyer should be folded, 105gsm is better, heavy stocks than this weight are not available to be folded).

3. CMYK process colors and pantone colors available.

4. Fold into final size. 

As poster printing, the main purpose of flyer printing jobs are to publish the information, and reach to potential audiences. So the design of images and texts are very important to the job. It should attract the people firstly, and then show the content.

Flyer PrintingFlyer Printing

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