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custom printed wrapping paper

Custom Wrapping Paper Printing (C1S)


Custom Wrapping Paper Printing (C1S),128gsm C1S with one solid color printing, and roll in 700mm width.

With competitiveness in qualified printing machines, we can offer custom wrapping paper printing services with lower cost.

Main Material for Gift Wrapping Paper Printing Jobs (II)

According to different extent coating layer, there are MFC and LWC paper.
MFC means machine finished coated paper, a type of coated paper with basis weight of 48gsm - 80gsm. This paper has good surface properties, high gloss and adequate sheet stiffness. MFC papers are made of 60% - 85% groundwood or TMP and 15% - 40% chemical pulp with a total pigment content of 20% - 30%. This paper quality is normally used for advertising materialsbooksannual reports and high quality catalogs. Grammage ranges from 90gsm - 170gsm and ISO brightness between 80% - 96%. The fiber furnish consists of more than 90% chemical pulp. Total pigment contents are in the range 30% - 45%, where calcium carbonate and clay are the most common.
LWC paper means low coat weight paper, which have lower coating weights than the standard WFC (3gsm - 14gsm each side) and the grammage and pigment content are also generally lower, 55gsm - 135gsm and 20gsm - 35gsm respectively. The surface also differ from glossy and matte like normal coated paper.
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