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Gift Box printing samples

Gift Box printing


Gift Box printing:(1) 157gsm C1S or C2S plus matte lamination mounted on 2.50mm CCNB board. (2) 2-piece unfolding style, a lid and tray.

Main Materials Introductions to Gift Box Printing Jobs (1 & 2):

1. CCNB Board

CCNB means Clay Coated News Back. As a paperboard made of recycled paper pulp, CCNB has one side coated white color, and another side uncoated grey color. The side coated is available to print full colors, if the coating is good, then the colors printed should be also good accordingly, Another side uncoated is also okay for printing, but the result is not good because of uncoating and coarse surface. As a main board material, CCNB is usually used for packaging printing, such as shoe boxes, gift boxes, packaging boxes and folding boxes etc. The base weight of CCNB could be 230gsm - 500gsm and 0.5mm - 3mm.

CCNB board is the main material for gift box printing jobs. It is wrapped by surfacing paper on grey side, and the white side is inside of box, so it is not necessary to apply lining paper any more, which could save much production time and costs. But for some deluxe gift boxes, the lining paper could also be applied to make a colorful inner of box. The thickness is normal above 0.5mm for gift boxes. The 230gsm - 500gsm CCNB is regularly for folding box printing jobs. 

CCNB for Gift Box Printing

2. SBS (90gsm - 350gsm)

SBS means C2S, two sides coated art paper. Two sides are both white and smooth, so the printing could be applied on both sides. The paper is also very suitable for printing because of good coating on two surfaces. Not like CCNB board, SBS is not very heavy, 90gsm to 350gsm is popular for this kind of paper. As a main surfacing paper mounted on CCNB, SBS normally is available to 128gsm and 157gsm. 90gsm - 157gsm SBS is very popular for book printing jobs. Over 157gsm SBS are workable for folding box printing jobs. When the SBS works as surfacing paper, it should be laminated after printing to strengthen.

If only one side is coated for art paper, we normally call it as C1S (one side coated art paper). C1S are normally used for wrapping paper printing and gift box printing jobs. The inks and laminator are applied to coated side, then another side uncoated is mounted over CCNB or grey board. 128gsm and 157gsm are workable for this kind of jobs. But for this paper 157gsm - 400gsm, regularly it is used for deluxe folding box printing jobs.

Please find for 3. Special Paper introductions to gift box printing jobs.

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